Virtual Vegas

About Us

About Us

VirtualVegas is the go-to- site for gamblers if they want to find out more about Live Casinos. We bring to you where the action is happening, as long as it is via internet live streaming. It’s actually quite the package at live-dealer casinos. You get the land-based Casino experience and the convenience of online gambling all in one. That is all the best about real money gambling right on your doorstep.

Who are we?

VirtualVegas Casino is the creative product of very close friends who met years back at Niagara Fallsview Casino in Canada. This place not only offers great casino gambling but also an amazing view of the Niagara Falls. We had not planned to meet at all; it’s quite an interesting read. But then again, that’s a story for another day.

At that time we had three different professions. Jake Roberts was a freelancing photographer while Richard Clive was a business reporter and Cassandra Kellis was a botanist. That’s three different individuals with three different agendas. We had absolutely no clue we would be this close, let alone start such a massive website like VirtualVegas.

We all had different life plans but the love for gambling and a gap in the market brought us closer together. At that time gambling was just a hobby, we had no idea that it would result in such a strong relationship.

Why VirtualVegas

After years of gambling both online and at land based casinos we decided to try Live Casino gambling. We realized that there were no good sites to direct punters to live-streaming casino games. That’s how we came up with the idea of VirtualVegas.

The intention is to provide a  gateway for gamblers to the Live Casinos in Canada and the World. Live streaming casinos are only a few clicks away. Las Vegas is the mother city of gambling. Hence the name VirtualVegas, we bring you in the proximity the best in gambling wherever you are in the world.